Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean ties the knot with wife number 5 Ashley Moore

Vastavam web :Congratulations are in order for Sean Bean, who has tied the knot for the fifth time. Bean married Ashley Moore in a ceremony in Dorset, where she wore a white lace gown. Can we just say that Sean Bean swigging a Corona after getting married is the most wonderfully Sean Bean thing. Champagne? Moore has now changed his name on twitter to Ashley Bean, and updated her bio to read: “Very proud sister aunty and wife. love my family more than anything.” Bean has previously gotten married to hairdresser Debra James in 1981, actress Melanie Hill in 1990, Sharpe co-star Abigail Cruttenden in 1997 and Georgina Sutcliffe in 2008.The actor has two daughters from his marriage to Hill, and another daughter with Cruttenden. Recently, Sean Bean has been moving viewers to tearsin the BBC One Jimmy McGovern drama Broken, which will conclude this Tuesday (July 4). His character, Father Michael, was praised on Twitter for a speech about religious sexism and demanding a female pope.While we’re on the subject of Sean Bean, we’ve got to talk about his many, many on-screen deaths.