Rajamouli getting strong criticism for those words

Vastavam web: Rajamouli’s criticism on mega producer Allu Aravind in an ‘Open Heart’ program led to huge discussions on social media and the ace filmmaker had to face the wrath of netizens. Rajamouli disclosed he hadn’t attended Magadheera’s 100 days function as he disliked the film being dragged to 100 days in a few centers. Citing the reason so, he put all the blame on Allu Aravind. However, Rajamouli’s detractors are alleging that Rajamouli, himself, is a copy master and then how can he blame on others. “In those days, it was quite common some centers were dragged for 100 days and 175 days. Had Rajamouli really been genuine, it could have been understood that there is a truth in his words. But then, he, himself, copied many scenes in Magadheera and other films from Hollywood films. But then, how can he gives message to others.

In fact, running a film is none of anyone’s business. And this is the issue related to producers, distributors and exhibitors. Moreover, Tollywood filmmakers always show the share collections of films. But then, why Rajamouli is letting gross collections only shown for Baahubali 2? If at all, he treats it a national film, then at least Telugu version’s collections had to be revealed in shares. But then, nothing of that sort was done to get the maximum benefit for the film. If running more centers is wrong, then showing bloated collections is also a huge blunder.