Problem between Rajendra rpasad and senior vamsi

Vastavam web: ‘There is no special relation or bond between Rajendra Prasad and me. We worked like every director and hero. He is a hero for me and I am just a director for him. As audience enjoyed our films during those times and producers invested, we repeated our combination. When two people meet off the work and on the work, empathy develops. Nothing of such sorts happened in all these years,’ Vamsy’s serious toned answer says something more than what’s visible to eye. Inner film circles buzzed on, Vamsy forwarded an offer for Rajendra Prasad to join Ladies Tailor sequel. Both remuneration and creative differences made Vamsy never to approach his hero for a film. A vexed Vamsy is learnt to have directed Fasion Designer with a fire, passion to re-approve his caliber and give a fitting reply for detractors.