Toxic ‘snow’ from Bengaluru’s Lake Varthur spills onto the road

Vastavam web: Locals of Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka state have witnessed the roads covered with white snow. Of course its nice to see but they are worrying that toxic snow would be health hazardous. Close on the heels of the pre-monsoon showers, Bengaluru is now tackling a one-of-a-kind snowfall. The recent showers in the city have led to foaming of the Varthur lake once again. Foam on the Varthur lake is recurrent phenomena in the city, however this time it spilled onto the Whitefield Main Road. Locals have also complained about the unbearable stink coming from the froth. “Can’t walk as toxic foam settles on skin, can’t drive as it settles on windscreen. The government seems to have no solution to this problem,” a resident told The pictures and videos have been posted by the locals on social media, with many criticising the civic bodies for the utter disorder.