Actress is having some rare disease

Vastavam web: Revealing the unknown secrets behind her sudden disappearance from the film circuit, Sneha said ‘I was suffering with a blood related illness called auto immune disorder. This made my body very weak and I was not even able to stand up on my feet for more than 30 minutes. I tried to wrap up my commitments till 2014 despite I was unfit. Gradually, the situation worsened and I lost my strength.

When I was left with no other option, I stopped films and began with medication. Physically I’ve gone weak but mentally I was strong all through these four years. Medication and fitness schedules went hand in hand in these four years. I feel I am perfect and fit enough to take up new assignments. I never left the film industry. I wasn’t taking up calls because of health issues. Finally, I am here now and back to entertainment.’