Keeravani into new controversy

Vastavam web: Music director Keeravani turned aggressive on the day of pre release event of ‘Baahubali 2’. He posted some derogatory tweets against lyricists of Tollywood. And the other day, he resorted to yet another controversy through his tweet. Director RGV, as usually, flattered the movie as, “The Biggest Hindi film,The Biggest Tamil Film, The Biggest Kannada Film ,The Biggest Malayalam Film is nothing but a Dubbed Telugu Film.”

In response to RGV’s  tweet Keeravani tweeted, “If this is true, I wonder why a famous HINDI singer felt insulted and offended when called for a song for BB2 Malayalam.” As Keeravni  left no clue on the name of the singer he mentioned various speculations have been made rounds on the name of the singer. Meanwhile, VFX, art and many other departments have got shower of praises by the critics. However, Keeravani’s music received mixed responses from the public and critics. Since the film stands at India’s biggest grosser, all those flaws can be sidelined right now.