More muslims to join RSS

Vastavam web: Yogi Adityanath, who assumed as CM of Uttarapradesh is attracting the public towards him with his dynamic governance. He has taken many dare full steps like controlling eve teasers and  make the staff to accountable to public. Now the public, especially Muslim youth is willing to join RSS which is hard core opponent of the outfit so far. Call it the impact of the Adithyanath-yogi led impressive working style or Rastriya Swayamsewak sang’s (RSS) well-planned outreach campaign  in the Allahabad region , over 700 people belonging to the Muslim community have approached the RSS functionaries in the past two months to know about the organization and are willing to join the organization. RSS functionaries said that people of the Muslim community are contacting them to know about the organizational structure and its working. Currently, over 300 people of the community are associated with the organization as active or temporary volunteers. A sizeable chunk of youths with professional experience is also seeking the membership.