TSIIC alloted 1059 acres of land for Industrial parks

Vastavam web: TSIIC board has decided to go for the acquisition of 1059 acres of land for the purpose of industrial parks in Telangana state. The govt higher officials such as Energy Department special principal secretary Ajay Mishra, Finance Secretary Siva Shankar, Industrial department principal secretary Mahesh Ranjan, Revenue Department principal secretary B.R.Meena, TSIIC Managing director E.V.Narasimha Reddy have attended the meeting. TSIIC chairman Gyaduri Balamallu proposed to give additional subsidy to SC and ST industrialists in the last year’s meeting. The Board has sent recommendations to the govt, that the sezs are being given 331/2 % rebate, the board agreed to enhance it to 50%. The rate of percentage of paying bills is 16% the board agreed to make it 4%, the board has sent proposals of the amendments to govt of Telangana. Moreover the tenure of sezs normally 10years , but which have been alloted to SC and ST catogories should be increased to 33 years. The Board has sent the file of amendments and proposals to govt of Telangana.