Lalith Modi targets Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Vastavam web: Lalith Modi targets M.S.Dhoni in twitter and creates a sensation.He tweeted that former BCCI president Srinivasan has a close relation with Dhoni and Dhoni is an employee in Srinivasan”s India cement company.He posted the company”s appointment letter and the salary particulars showing all the details of the basic pay-43,000, all the allowances-21,970, the total of 60,000, and a special allowance of 20,000, along with reimbursement of office rent, electricity, gas, water, house rent, management expenditure etc.Dhoni has more than 100 crores of rupees as income per year then why he has to be an employee under Srinivas, what kind of relation do they have?What is the real reason behind their agreement? asked Modi and said that it was shocking for him to see this happening in BCCI.This he posted on Instagram also.