TDP not happy with Pawan kalyan ?

Vastavam web : The Janasena chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan seemed to have made TDP’s leaders frustrated today. It is a known news that the TDP appointed a North Indian named Anil Kumar Singhal as the EO of TTD. This led opposition parties made ruckus against TDP. Notwithstanding Swami Swaroopananda breathed fire against the TDP for appointing a North Indian which is against to the rules of ‘Agama Shastra’. He further warned the Government that he would file a petition on this issue in courts. And today, Pawan Kalyan made an appeal to TDP to get its decision withdrawn. He wondered how Chandrababu had taken such a silly decision. But then, Pawan Kalyan’s criticism didn’t go well with TDP leaders Varla Ramaiah and Babu Rajendra Prasad. They tried to defend CBN’s decision citing some silly examples which are quite irrelevant to Pawan Kalyan’s question.