Dell Data centre to start in A.P

Vastavam web: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister ChandraBabu Naidu is now busy in America tour, he is meeting with C.E.O.s of different companies in US and inviting them to establish their company branches in A.P. As part of his tour, he went to Dallas visited Mahatma Gandhi’s statue, offered homage. He met with Srikanth Satya official represantative of Dell, then Chad Spark director of Bell Helicopters. Chad assured that he would under go with the possibilities to establish a branch in A.P.  C.M. explained in detail that the govt of A.P. has opened an attractive civil aviation policy ” tailor mafe policy” is launched for the captalists who are ready to invest more than 75 million dollars. He also met with 28 the most popular IT companies and their representatives and talked with them.