No US combat troops will stay in Iraq after fight against IS

Vastavam web: US combat troops will not stay on in Iraq after the fight against the Islamic State group is over, Iraq’s Prime Minister said today a statement that followed a report on talks between Iraq and the United States on maintaining American forces in the country.A US official and an official from the Iraqi government told the AP this week that talks about keeping US troops in Iraq were ongoing.In his statement, Haider al-Abadi emphasised that there are no foreign combat troops on Iraqi soil and that any American troops who stay on once IS militants are defeated will be advisers working to train Iraq’s security forces to maintain “full readiness” for any “future security challenges.”
While some US forces are carrying out combat operations with Iraqi forces on and beyond front lines in the fight against IS, al-Abadi has maintained that the forces are acting only as advisers, apparently to get around a required parliamentary approval for their presence.Regardless of how the troops are designated, talks about maintaining American forces in Iraq point to a consensus by both governments that a longer-term US presence in Iraq is needed to ensure that an insurgency does not bubble up again once IS militants are driven out, a contrast to the full US withdrawal in 2011.