Revanth’s new plan of action to fight with KCR

Vastavam web: TDP working president Revanth Reddy initiated to a new strategy to fight with KCR. Ater 2014 general state election TRS party captured power and strenghened it’s party. Revanth thinks that is difficult to fight in single with.the.strong enemy, so he plans that the collective work is the best to expect the best results. He came to an opinion that those who are against KCR should be united, then only one will get an opportunity to give a strong blow to the enemy.

Revanth organised a public meeting in Tanduru and declared from the stage a fight against KCR. He stated his work to bring all parties to a stage who opposes KCR. KCR plans and works in a way that make him & his party in power for 20 years in Telangana state. Revanth met with opposition party Congress, left parties, Kodandarama Rao, and BJP and had discussions with them, set a plan of action for the purpose.