under trial shot dead in a Gang war in court

Vastavam web: An under trail was shot dead in a gang war occurred at Rohini court compound at New Delhi. The police and other advocates, public were shocked to see the sudden incident in front of their eyes.  Police personnel were escorting Rajesh Durmut out of a vehicle when a person in the crowd walked up to him, pulled out a countrymade pistol and fired a round. Durmut tried to duck but the bullet hit him on his left shoulder and pierced his heart.

The shooter, Mohit, then pulled out another pistol and tried to fire at the cops. However, the gun did not go off. He tried to flee but was caught. Durmut was allegedly a member of the Neetu Dabodia gang and was wanted in more than 16 cases of robbery, murder and dacoity. Police suspect that Mohit, who doesn’t have any criminal antecedents, was hired by a rival gang to kill Durmut. Satish, allegedly a member of the rival Neeraj Bawana gang, and Mohit had recced the court premises two days ago and followed the police vehicle from Haryana on Saturday, investigations reveal.