Nine lakh companies aren’t revealed Annual Returns – Hasmukh Adhitya

Vastavam web: The secretary of Revenue  Department Hasmukh Aditya takling in the programme of enforcement day celebrations said, only 6 lakh companies among 15 lakh companies across the country are filing their proper returns and especially annual audit reports. He continued 8 to 9 lakh companies aren’t filing returns, hence creating problems and been disastrous. The central govt is planning to take a strict decision to put an end to such activities and companies throughout the country.

It is a well known thing that the central govt formed a special task force to put a check to the companies which involve in money landering and tax evades. The companies which were registred in MCA and doing business, if not file returns  will create problems and disastrous. Aditya coted an example the money laundering case in Bank of Baroda. The Director of Enforcement and Dirctorate Revenue Intelligence played a key role in solving the problem, said Aditya.