My career is not spoilt by chapel: Pathan

Vastavam web: Pathan said that his cricket career is spoilt not because of former team India coach Greg Chappel. He added that in anyone’s life career will not be spoilt by someone, to whatever happens, the sole responsibility is of that person’s only and no one else,when I lost my place in the team, injuries also made me suffer, so I lost my career because of injuries and later entering into the team became difficult for me. Now that Dwayne Bravo is moving away from IPL, in his place Pathan came into​ the team. In the bidding his price was fixed for 50 lakh rupees but no franchise showed interest in buying him. Under former cricket captain Sourav Ganguly ‘s leadership he grew as a team member and suddenly he lost his place in the team and his career fell to the worst. Later he did not get opportunity to come back and incidents happened​ one after the other very fast.