Bahubali -2

Vastavam web:The most awaited films of this generation would be hitting first place with Baahubali and baahubali the conslusion for sure. The Rajamouli directorial Baahubali the conclusion raised lot of hype and bar for the conclusion because of the questions the first part raised out . Basically prabhas starter film has bigger question why kattappa killed baahubali and it will be answered with this epic drama. The film released today in theatres and lets see how much impact it left out at the box office and at the minds of audiences
The second part is story of how Amarendra baahubali was killed and mahendra baahubali the son of amarendra takes the revenge. Amaranedra baahubali was about to take the king chair in maahishmathi kingdom where in his fells in love with anushka – devasena mean while. Sivagami the step mother of amarendra who already promised to marry Devsena with Rana- Bhhallala deva cancels the king place with prabhas and gifts it to rana in turn gives devasena to prabhas. Considerably the distance between prabhas and sivagami comes so huge. This l;eads kattappa to kill baahubali and the reason should be watched on screeen.   The major highlight for this movie would be Back ground music and VFX effects. The excellent work of Keeravani and Sabu cyril seriously showed the reward on screen. Performances of actors and actresses too are behind the major part done by these two. Prabhas is the one whom we should discuss about.He excelled in his professional way as Mahendra baahubali and as Shivudu too. The way he dealt with the emotions scenes while leaving maahishmathi and understanding the intensions of Bhallala deva are pretty much good. Anushka has got excellent stature in this movie as Devasena and Kunthala rajyam was shown off with an excellent gesture.The movie had bigger things to discuss for like cinematography and action sequences. Senthil excelled in it where action stunts are taken pretty much care of . Two war fare dramas were shown in the first and second half consecutively raised the film into another range. Rajamouli’s hardwork and his team’s dedication was clearly seen in every part of the film . His vision was captured well on the big screen  by all the technicians. Interval bang was pretty much interesting for this mmovie where in climax , pre climax episodes will be like never on indian screen. Kunthala rajyam waas well potrayed with beautiful scenics. All the views in the film will gain lot of attention .
 Coming to the negative points there are not many though unless few logical explanations got missing and story was not too strong as everyone thought it would be like. Attire of Baahubali and Rana could have been better. Very little bit lengthy episodes are unable to manage. Tamanna character was almost zero in the second part. She didnot even have a dialouge in this.They tried to make some laughing scenes but it didnot work well at all. Kattappa – baahubali scenes at kunthala rajyam are psoitive on comedy but didnot go pretty much awesome .
Finally, Baahubali the conclusion is one big and wonderful conclusion that indian panorama would wait for. Indian film history has never seen such a great two part film with huge grandeur earlier. Baahubali is a game changer trend setter and everything in the history of indian cinema .Collections would be crossing 1000crores for sure world wide until the full run.Rajamouli’s vision, Senthil’s magical cinematography, prabhas performance, Sivagami’s struggle, VFX from Cyril, Keeravani’s music makes this Epic war fare drama a must must must watch . Raising the bar of Indian cinema to a greater extent Baahubali the conclusion and Baahubali the beginning both will remain as the pride of indian cinema.