Arrived in cargo, departure in business class

Vastavam web: Weight of  Eman Ahmed reduced to 176 kilograms from 500 kG ,Eman Ahmed, the 38 years Egyptian  woman came to India with 500 kilo0grams of weight and carried by a cargo flight is going to Uniter Arab emirated for further treatment after reducing her weigh for 176 kilograms. Now she is going travel by business class. Saifee Hospital announced that Eman is being shifted to Burjeel Hospital in the UAE, a move that comes amid allegations by her sister Shaimaa Selim that she was not receiving proper treatment.
Eman was brought to Mumbai by a special cargo aircraft and admitted to the private hospital on February 11 thus completing her first trip outside her home in over 25 years. She will now travel to Abu Dhabi in business class in a civilian flight. The Saifee Hospital also claimed that from 500 kg last year, Eman now weighs 176 kg. “She came on a chartered cargo plane and goes back as a passenger on a flight in Business Class… Eman Ahmed who weighed 500 kg as on 23/9/16 weighs 176.6 kg today,” said Dr Aparna Bhaskar, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital.