RGV talks about Dada saheb phalke award

Vastavam web:The infamous Bollywood tiff between maverick Ram Gopal Varma and film maker Karan Johar got a fresh revival yesterday on the context of K Vishwanath awarded Dada Saheb Phalke. While congratulating KV, our own Varma did not let the chance go out of use without targeting his rival Karan Johar.

‘Forget public not one in film people would have ever seen a Phalke film. A really relevant award for today will be a Raju Hirani or a Karan Johar award. Phalke made 95 films and I dint see a single film equivalent of K Jo film. I think it’s just being ancient not recognizing value of present. This is not in disrespect to Phalke but it’s in respect to K Jo because just as a viewer I love Jo films far more than Phalke films,’ RGV said.