Political punch founder Ravi Kiran released

Vastavam web: It is a well known news that Ravi Kiran was arrested for posting morphing photos and comments on print media which degrade The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council. He was arrested at Shamshabad on Friday. Local police said, Ravi Kiran was dropped at Shamshabad by Guntur police on Saturday.

He was arrested for posting cartoons and satires on political punch page, Ravi Kiran was the admin of this page. Ravi Kiran talked on this issue, says four police personnel in mufty took me in custody on Friday early hours, taken away to Thulluru police station, he continued that he was an innocent, there is no one behind me, and I didn’t violate any rule or regulations of morphing. The police said, he should come to the court on 24th of this month for hearing.