Police stop farmers from drinking urine

Vastavam web: Tamil Nadu farmers at Jantar Mantar tried to drink their urine as a part of protest, whih has been continueing from 14 March and demanding the government to solve their long pending problems. The farmers, who were advised by the police not to go ahead with the protest as planned, said they will meet Tamil Nadu chief minister on Sunday to discuss their demands.

The farmers, who have come to be known for their bizarre protests in the Capital, were unusually calm on Saturday morning. Camped at their protest site, with the skulls and urine bottles, the farmers looked clouded with uncertainty. Their leader, P Ayyakkannu, had been called in by the deputy commissioner of police, to discuss their proposed protest idea. Ayyakkannu later said that the DCP had advised them against drinking their own urine.However, he said that they will collect the urine in a bucket and send it back to Tamil Nadu with a representative.