Modi cant inspire people now ?

Vastavam web:Heads of politicians are supposed to be role models of other politicians and people of the nation. Their biographies should inspire people even after their death. Sadly, nation wide key politicians political decisions and their cunning political strategies are making well wishers of democracy grief-stricken.

Opposition parties are alleging that PM Narendra Modi is the prime reason behind some undemocratic developments held in recent times. Post the death of Jayalalitha, a sequence of events happened in Tamil Nadu. Sasikala’s imprisonment, Palaniswamy and Panneer Selvam’s alliance, Sasikala and Dinakaran’s ousting from AIADMK occurred due to the involvement of BJP in Tamil politics.

BJP shouldn’t have formed Governments in Manipur and Goa wherein Congress party won majority of MLA seats in recent general elections. But then, opposition parties complained that BJP threatened MLAs to file cases against them on various issues. Also, the party was complained offering minister posts to defectors.