Trump’s sign disturbed Bharath IT companies severely

Vastavam web:: Native IT companies in Bharath expressed that they are in panic with the the works of Donald Trump. Trump signed on executive order regarding H1b visa, with this there is a scope to loose jobs in IT industry. Industry body ASSOCHAM  released a report recently, it would influence companies expenditure, employment. Bharath holds 86% H1b visa issues, it may come down to 60% with the latest issue as per ASSOCHAM assesments.Every year Bharath gets 10.96 billion dallors remittance from America, now it may decline to 8% to 10% with the Trump’s decision. Rupee exchange value increased, Industrial income decreased,  to reduce the administrative expenses companies give priority to cut down their employment, ASSOCHAM says most of the companies incline towards the reduction of man power.