Raju gari gadhi 2 has importance of Samantha

Vastavam web: Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is one more horror comedy from Ohmkar after the massive success of first in series. Changing the main casting faces with Nagarjuna, Samanta and Seerat Kapoor, the big hope Ohmkar gave for audience is the film will be rich in outlook. Why not, top production companies like PVP Cinema, Matinee Entertainments into game, RGG 2 is no more a RGG.

Last few days, there’s big discussion on importance of Samanta’s character in the script and one needs no extra wits to find the answer. Yes, she is playing the important evil spirit role which is in fact the key for whole narrative. Nagarjuna’s mentalist Don Bosco and Samanta’s devil characters make second half far more gripping than comedy centered first half.