Kona venkat talks on Mister

Vastavam web:Director Srinu Vytla was at the receiving end ever since his team broke into pieces and the key pawn Kona Venkat left dejected fuming at team head. All it happened from Aagadu debacle and the cracks became much more exposed between these two talented people when Ramcharan forcibly glued them together for Bruce Lee, again a disaster.

Whatsoever, Vytla and Kona are divided once for all and entire industry knows it. While Kona did not struggle much with his influential background, relying on his pen power cruising ahead with couple of Hindi and Telugu films ready for release, Vytla seems to have clearly lost the big opportunity with a disappointing Mister.

The obvious excitement for everyone in the industry is… what’s Kona reaction on Vytla’s Mister? Strangely, we came to know that Kona Venkat hasn’t got enough time to watch Mister and thus reportedly said… ‘Sorry, I am yet to watch the film’ when a friend of him questioned.