Thirteen people arrested in California anti-Trump rallies

Vastavam Web: At least 13 people were arrested after violence broke out between groups of supporters and detractors of President Donald Trump holding rallies in downtown Berkeley, authorities said.About 200 people were at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Junior Civic Center Park when several fights broke out yesterday. Dozens of police officers in riot gear standing nearby quickly arrested one man. Others were arrested after several skirmishes.Police put in a makeshift barrier of plastic orange poles and orange fence mesh to separate both sides, but that quickly came down as demonstrators started punching and kicking each other, while pepper spray and firecrackers were thrown to the crowd.
After the barrier was put back in place, demonstrators shouted at each other from a distance, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.”You go back to the ’60s,” shouted a pro-Trump supporter.”You go back to the 1400s,” someone on the opposing side shouted back.Authorities had said ahead of the rallies, that baseball bats, sticks, flagpoles and any items that could be used as a weapon were banned at the park. Officers yesterday confiscated sticks, knives, flagpoles and helmets and sticks with signs on them.The rally followed March 4 demonstrations at the same park planned by some of the same groups and that ended in violent clashes. Several people were injured and police arrested 10 demonstrators.