Ramu says sorry to Nag and Chiru

Vastavam web: Is director Ram Gopal Varma repenting for his tweets which made many celebs and their fans hurt to the core? The director has been apologizing some of the celebs for the past two days.

As we all know, Rgv, targeted mega heroes previously with his hatred filled tweets. However, the director seems to have realized he had done many blunders through his tweets. ‘chiranjeevigaari laanti annayya naakunte nenu matladina maatalaki kottevaadini .naga babu gaaru maataltho vadilesaru ..real sorry to him,” tweeted Rgv.

Recently, Rgv made a derogatory comment on Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal which made the actor hurt and personally rang up Rgv why he had to comment on him in spite of the actor had no rivalry with the director. Subsequently, Rgv conveyed his apologies to Vidyut Jamwal. From then on, Rgv appeared to have got his attitude changed. Nevertheless, how long will he stick with the change in his attitude? Let’s hope, he would be forever a good human being.