Kesineni nani facing more problems now ?

Vastavam web: Apparently, TDP MP Kesineni Nani is in a serious state of frustration which ensued the closure of Kesineni travels. Apart from closing down of the travel company, Kesineni’s media interviews are more shocking.

On one hand, opposition leaders are alleging Kesineni is playing a drama so as not to repay loans to banks while on the other Kesineni said he would neither sell his buses nor would he give them RTC for hire. Instead, he said he would keep his buses in front of his house.

And then, it was a real shocker to Kesineni yesterday. The former MP of Congress party Lagadapati Rajagopal met Chandrababu Naidu yesterday. It’s now speculated that Lagadapati would surely get Vijayawada’s MP ticket for next elections kicking off Kesineni from the constituency. As a result, Kesineni should be readied to get more frustration in 2019!