Who is this Secret Sastry that Balayya is interested about?

Vastavam Web: Well, rumours in our industry are no way going to die down soon as every other day something or the other would be coming up in the discussions of the famous makers. According to the grapevine, Balakrishna after a successful historical movie in Gautamiputra Satakarni is showing interest to do many more and one of them is under development stage. The sources claim that the story will be off a Telugu Scientist, ‘Sastry garu’ whose face has been carved on a stone and this stone carving has been stored in a Germany historical museum, Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Well this scientist is so famous in the country of Germany and he hails from Godavari Districts as per the history. This person is a Maths Scientist and he did many great contributions to the world of Mathematics as per the historians there. He was born in early 1900’s and his work is highly credible it seems. Well, Balakrishna looking at all the stone carvings was amazed when found out about this Sastry and he immediately ordered his team to research about the man so that they can make a movie about him and his contributions bringing them to life.

As far as known history from Telugu historians goes, only Padma Sri awardee Komaravolu Chadrasekhar, born in Baptla, in the year 1920 is the only Mathematician from Telugu states and this person Sastry seems to be a real mystery man and how come we miss his contribution? Doesn’t this sound more unbelievable than ever?