TRS M.P Keshav Rao talked on special status

Vastavam Web: TRS M.P. K.Keshav Rao talked in a special discussion in Rajya Sabha to give a special status to A.P.  He demanded central government to hold up the responsibility on giving a special status to A.P which is announced  in parliament, he also demanded to held an NDC meeting to discuss on rules and regulations. He reminded that 14th finance committee never said not to give a special status to A.P.

This is declared by Finances Committee many a time. Prior to it Digvijay Singh said that it should be considered the situation in A.P and grant a special status to A.P. He also reminded that BJP and TDP talked many a time about special status in parliament and it is not good to go back now. It attracted every one that Keshave being TRS M.P  and Telangnian talked on the importance of A.P. special status very clearly.