Stop it please.. Sam is not dumb !

Vastavam Web: Ever since Ram Charan.. Sukumar combination was reported in the media, there was huge curiosity on the film.  That curiosity is still continuing.. in fact, it is increasing with the each passing day.  Updates regarding the film are coming out every now and then.  One such recent update was that heroine Samantha is playing a dumb girl role in the movie.

Many were surprised at the update, because Charan is said to be playing a partially deaf role already.  But the latest update reveals that Sam’s role will be perfectly alright without any disabilities.  It is just that she is a typical village girl.  So, it is going to be a big sigh of relief for the fans.  On the other hand, the film unit is busy with the shoot in the surroundings of Pudipalli village.  The lead pair and the entire unit is sweating out under the hot Sun for the shoot.