Telugu man, threatened in US, later robbed

Vastavam Web: There seems to be no end to the hate crimes against Indians in general and against Telugus in particular across the US, Recently Kuchibotla Srinivas was killed by a gun man and later some other Indians were assaulted too. Now another Telugu man was threatened with gun and robbed by a some miscreants, who wear masks.

Sai Varun of Manchiryala district from Telangana has been working with a Gas station. On Saturday morning some miscreants came to him with masks and threatened him by aiming his head in a point blank.He went to the US two years ago along with his brother Sai Kiran to pursue higher education and has been working part time while continuing his MS course. His father Saminneni Bhaskara Rao is working as a technician in Singareni Collieries at Srirampur.

The incident took place around 8 PM on Saturday as per USA time when he was speaking to his mother Jayalakshmi in India through a video call. Sai Varun was forced by the revolver-totting masked man to open the locker and hand over the money. After collecting the money from the counter desk, the miscreant reportedly asked Sai Varun: “You Indian, why do you stay in our country? Get out of my country.”The footage of the miscreant entering the shop, robbing the money and threatening Sai Varun were all recorded in the CCTV footage, reports said.