Sachin owns Vijay Malya’s villa

Vastavam Web: Vijay Malya’s villa has at last been auctioned, it is purchased by famous business man, film hero Sachin for Rs 73 crores. State Bank of India is succeeded for the fourth time to sell the villa.Sachin come farward to pay more than the reserved price in the last month’s auction.SBI chairman Arundati Bhattacharya declared it, but viiking media which belongs to Sachin declined the news.

The villa is sold out for over Rs 73.01crores, the news is collected by different sources. It came to know that there was an official agreement between the two parties in first part of week.SBI earnestly tries to sell the King Fisher house in Mumbai by different sources. SBI reserved the price of the house for Rs 150 crores .It failed four times as no buyer come farward to take the bid in auction.