Swedish firm implants chips in employees’ hands

Vastavam Web: Now the technology is up grading every day and it become the part of life so far, but now it become the part of our body. A Swedish company is using micro chips for multiple usage. The company is installing a small chip into the body of their employees and it become a swipe card for the attendance too.

In Sweden, some workers are actually volunteering to do just that, electing to have a chip the size of a grain of rice implanted in their bodies to help them unlock doors, operate printers, open storage lockers and even buy smoothies with the wave of their hand, according to an Associated Press report.

Epicenter, a digital hub in Stockholm that houses more than 300 startups and innovation labs for larger companies, has made the implanted chip available to its own workers and to member organizations in recent years, a bio hacking experiment in simplicity that’s been embraced by some early adopters associated with the centre but represents a technological frontier sure to make other people shudder.

But while it may sound like the dawning of an era of a cyborg workforce, management consultants say they’re hearing little interest in the concept so far, and those leading the experiment in Sweden say it’s an entirely voluntary exercise intended simply as a technological test for convenience.