Paulism giving tough fight to Pawanism !

Vastavam Web: Even though there are several Isms in the past it’s Pawanism which is quite popular among Telugu audience.  Words like Ramuism(Ram Gopal Varma),  Thalapathism( Tamil hero Vijay) are coined later.. it is Pawanism which stands out among the all.  But the latest trend in social media is giving tough fight to Pawanism. It is none other than Paulism !

You might be wondering what is this Paulism after all.. it is named after popular Telugu celebrity and Evangelist KA Paul.  A twitter account claiming to be the official account of KA Paul is creating sensation in the social media at present.  The statements from this twitter account are already become a hot topic. Let us go through the tweets.

On Jr. NTR:  “When it comes to God-Gifted-Talented personalities, J.NTR will stand in the first row……along with me ofcourse! @tarak9999 #JaiLavakusa”Comparing Rahul Gandhi and Lokesh: “Now don’t say this is Rahul Gandhi as if you’re intelligent than me! I don’t find any difference between Rahul Gandhi and Loki Checkmate!”On the Summer heat of Hyderabad on April 4:  “Yesterday I blessed #Hyderabad as the heat wave is increased in the city. Today city is blessed with the rain it seems! Happy? #Paulism”

Not but not the least.. on Power Star Pawanism:  “Please don’t compare #Paulism with #Pawanism, Pawanism is famous in state level, while Paulism is world level, in fact entire universe level”Don’t be surprised if someone says Jai Paulism in the social media.  Be informed about the current trends !