Mister became a confusion master

Vastavam Web: We all know that release date plays an important role in the success of the film.  That is the reason why film makers take so many precautions while finalizing the release date.  If the film makers keep on changing the release date.. audience will get irritated with the film.  If it is a star hero film, excitement will continue..but the situation will be different for a medium range film like ‘Mister’.

It is known that ‘Mister’ film makers announced last month that they are going to release the film on April 14. But they have changed it to April 13 later.  We do not know why they have changed the date..but they have released the posters confirming the release date as April 13.  Coming to the present,  they are saying that the release date has been changed to April 14.

Practically speaking, what difference does it make in a day? If the they are releasing the film in the Sankranthi season,  the collection figures will totally change.  Will  there be any difference in Summer season.. if the film releases on 13th or 14th ? What difference does it make ? Why Mister team couldn’t keep their word on release date ?