I haven’t spoken to Pawan Kalyan

Vastvam Web:Renowned Poet & Activist Gaddar made it clear that he hasn’t discussed anything related to politics with Pawan Kalyan so far. He made this comment when he was asked by a News Channel if he would work with Jana Sena Party.Gaddar, however, expressed his willingness to work with likeminded parties. ‘Whether I will contest in 2019 Polls or Not is a different issue. It’s better to work with like-minded parties rather than floating a new party all of a sudden,’ he opined.

Pawan Kalyan maintains good relations with Gaddar and respects him a lot. If Gaddar joins Jana Sena, It will be a huge advantage for the Party as he enjoys a good reputation in the Telangana state. So, Pawan won’t hesitate to offer any key post, including Jana Sena Party’s Telangana in-charge, to Gaddar if at all the Poet is up for the challenge.