A master class by ‘Cheliya’ Ravi Verman!

Vastavam Web: In a frame composition, in any video you need to not just concentrate on lighting and visuals but you need to communicate emotion as well. Ravi Verman, the cameraman for Mani Ratnam’s Cheliya, made the whole movie a master class for young upcoming and brooding cinematographers with aesthetics all over the place. If you keenly observe few frames from the songs and trailers released, you can see characters being in out focus at times walking away from the frame while you see them walking towards as well.

In some highly edgy and difficult shots like car completely covered with snow and two front windows are cleared by all the obstacles, we see beautifully two young lovers finding their comfort in each other’s embrace. For these kind of shots, if the master technician, Mani Ratnam gave the raw idea, Ravi Verman did the magic if we see on screen.Ravi Verman explained that these frames were result of extreme love that he had towards Picasso way of abstract framing and conceptualisation.

He also shared that Mani Ratnam gave him full freedom to explore the possibilities within the story and concept while he tried to deliver on the aesthetics with beautiful sense of lighting and emotions, Mani also encouraged him explore the emotion more than the logic. For full master class, we need to watch the movie ASAP. By the way, catch the Hamsaro 2 minutes video and see if you can say why does the framing change from the boys singing to girl watching them! Good luck!