Bobby throws a challenge, NTR stutters !

Vastavam Web: All our Tollywood heroes were busy doing commerical mass masala entertainers in the past.   But the next generation audience started ruling them out as routine flicks.  So, they have changed their style completely. Ram Charan is doing a role of deaf guy in his upcoming film with Sukumar.  Can you believe it..  Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja is doing a blind character.  Even Raj Tarun is doing similar blind character in his upcoming film.  When all these stars are trying different..why would Young Tiger be silent ?

No.. NTR is coming up with a negative role..we all know about it. But there is more to it.  NTR is playing villain character with a weakness of stuttering.. just like Bollywood Badshah did in ‘Darr’.  We all know that Shah Rukh Khan has done similar negative character with a weakness of stuttering.  There is a super hit dialogue from the film.. ki ki kiran .. I Love You.

On the other hand, there is a gossip doing rounds that a father (Posani) will have two wives.  Jai will be the son of his first wife.. Lava, Kusa will be the sons of his second wife.  Jai doesn’t like Lava & Kusa.. and that is the basic theme of the film.  We all know that NTR is a brilliant actor. Whenever he gets this kind of challenging characters like Jai.. he is be unstoppable.  Don’t you think so..?