Rumoured story of Mahesh23!

Vastavam Web: Mahesh Babu, the superstar of Telugu Film Industry, is busy completing the shooting of his bilingual spy thriller, in the direction of popular director, AR Murugadoss. The movie has been scheduled for a release on 23rd June for Eid and the shooting is scheduled to be completed by the end of April without any patch work hanging in balance. The movie is allegedly titled, SPYder and as far as the rumoured story goes, this is the best possible title for the movie. We cannot confirm the story to be exactly same, but as we discussed with multiple sources, we feel this could be highly authentic.
Going into the details, the story of the movie follows the pattern of spider’s hunt. Spider while hunting it’s prey stays patient, stalks the moment carefully and they chase it down to its entangled web to finally enjoy the meal. Similarly, Villain of the story, a terrorist head, SJ Surya tries to form a web of his operations across the country carefully planning it. His style of action resembles a spider, he first crossed carefully the target and creates ripples in the life. Then waits for the reaction of the target with utmost patience and then strikes hard where it matters to break the target.
To counter such a clever plan, Mahesh too acts like a spider by first creating a vibration in the network, then patiently wait for the reaction of the target and finally strikes a big blow to cut the entire connection. Also, in a spider’s web if you cut off one thread, the web remains strong within but when you cut off every thread at a time at the source, entire web will collapse. This would be the principle behind, counter plan of action from Mahesh to SJ Suriya it seems. Well, we were thrilled to hear such a spy story and hopefully, AR Murugadoss’s execution will be on par of better than how it sounds on paper.