It’s high time Pawan questions CBN!

Vastavam Web: At the time when TDP lured Opposition MLAs with Operation Akarsh, Pawan Kalyan refrained from finding fault with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu as Jana Sena is still an alliance partner then. He downplayed the defection of YCP MLAs to TDP saying even TRS has done the same thing in Telangana.
Today, Jana Sena is no more an alliance partner of TDP-BJP Combine. So, Pawan Kalyan has got the license to attack either TDP or BJP on any issue.How would he respond on YCP MLAs in TDP Cabinet is a million dollar question now? It’s going to be a tricky situation as Bhuma Akhila Priya is one of the four defector MLAs who were inducted into Cabinet. Would PK lash out at TDP Leadership & Spare it because of the soft corner he have for Akhila Priya who lost her father Bhuma Nagireddy recently?What’s going on in PK’s mind at present? Is he ready to question CBN? Just Be Patient!!