Buchaiah Chowdary shocks TDP Leadership

Vastavam Web: TDP Senior Leader Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary stunned the party leadership after the Cabinet Expansion on Sunday. He submitted resignation to the post of TDP State General Secretary in protest against cabinet berths to defector MLAs.
Buchaiah Chowdary: ‘Leaders who are loyal to the party for decades have been sidelined. On the other hand, Opportunist Politicians have been given posts. I aspired for Cabinet Berth because of my track record of winning 5-6 elections. TDP used my services during various tough times since its inception. I had joined politics taking inspiration from NTR and Puchalapally Sundaraiah. The recent developments in the party has pained Me a lot. Those who kept changing parties received a red carpet welcome’.
Looking a the revolt of Senior Leaders who were always loyal to the Telugu Desam Party, One can estimate the seriousness of the situation post Cabinet Expansion. Even someone like Chandrababu Naidu hardly expected these consequences.