JP and Raghavulu findfault on A.P.Cabinet expansion

Vastvam Web: C.P.M.national leader Raghavulu found fault on cabinet expansion in AP. He said, to give place in cabinet to his son Lokesh Naidu took up the task. His decision is nothing but a wonder, as per ChandraBabu calculations who lost their ministry in recent expansion are incapable? Raghavulu questions. Is it correct to do now in AP, he exclaims, it is not correct to speak two different ways in two places. And Loksatha president Jayaprakash Narayana too criticises ChandraBabu’s way of work. He said, that it is too bad to give a place in cabinet to those who come into the party now from outside. The first line leaders who should guard constitution unfortunately  today it been violated by them only.Chandrababu deteriorates the values of NTR the founder of Telugudesam party.